Refugees are people who have to flee from their country.
You have been persecuted or are at risk of being persecuted because of your race, religion, nationality, membership of a social group or because of your political convictions.
In order to be recognised as a foreign refugee in Germany, you must file an asylum application. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is responsible for the asylum procedure.
It is not possible to file an asylum application at the Foreigners Authority. The BAMF is responsible for this. Through the Arnsberg District Government you will be assigned to the city or district where you will live.
If you are assigned to a city or district in the Rhein-Sieg Region and have questions about your asylum procedure, about a change of residence or about family reunification, or if you would like to return voluntarily to your country of origin or travel on to another country, you will obtain Help from the migration services of the welfare organisations Diakonie and Caritas. Advice is also offered by various refugee initiatives active in the Rhein-Sieg Region.