Naturalisation takes place in Germany through the issuing of a Naturalisation Certificate, and leads to the acquisition of German citizenship.
Naturalisation usually takes place at the end of a successful integration process, and therefore it is linked to specific requirements; these naturalisation requirements are regulated by law in Germany and can be found in the Citizenship Law.
Due to the varied circumstances in the life of each individual person, the question of whether someone fulfils the naturalisation criteria that apply in his/her case can only be answered individually in the framework of a formal naturalisation procedure which is monitored and established by the administrative authority.
The naturalisation procedure is initiated through an application for naturalisation. Because of the need for specific information, there is an official form for this naturalisation application, which you may obtain either at the administration of the district where you reside or at the Naturalisation Authority of the Regional Administration in Siegburg.
If you are resident at Troisdorf, please refer to the Foreigners Authority of the City of Troisdorf.
Further information and the naturalisation application may be found on the Website of the Foreigners Authority of the Rhein-Sieg Region.