You have a Student Visa or are already studying? Here is some important information and advice:
• Employment,
• Changing your subject, educational institution or your major field of study,
• Residence after completion of studies.
If you have obtained a student visa, but you do not yet know where you would like to study, you may obtain a residence permit for a maximum of 9 months, including the time of the visa.
This time may be used to take a look at universities and to prepare your application. However you must have the academic requirements necessary for studies in Germany. Furthermore there must be realistic prospects of being accepted into the educational institution, which means that you must also have the required grade average for particular subjects.
If you are registered at an institution of higher learning, you have a maximum of two years to obtain the necessary knowledge that you still require for your studies through language courses, internships or preparatory college.
During your studies you will be granted a residence permit for a maximum of two years. You must then renew this accordingly.
From the 5th semester of studying, the educational institution must regularly certify that you fulfil the requirements of the course, such as tests or obligatory seminars.
Changing your subject, educational institution or major field of study
If you do not like your subject or your major in this subject and you wish to study something else, it is essential that you find out if you can get a new residence permit for this. This also applies if you want to change to a different institution of higher learning. This is because your valid residence permit is linked to your present course. Therefore make sure that you do not lose your residence permit.
Residence after completion of studies
A residence permit following on from your education can only be obtained if you have a legal claim to it, such as through marriage, or if it is for the public benefit, for example because it has been stated that it will serve the promotion of economic development.
You may obtain a residence permit in order to engage in employment if you have successfully completed your studies and have found a job that is appropriate to your qualification.
For the purposes of looking for such a job, you may obtain a residence permit for up to one year, as long as your means of subsistence is guaranteed.