Family Reunification

Marriage and family have specific State protection in Germany (Article 6 of the Basic Law).
This also has an impact on Residence Law, for example in relation to the issuing and extension of residence documents or in terms of the reunification of the family.
The following have the right to reunification:
• the wife/life partner and the husband/life partner
• minor, single children
Other family members (such as adult children, grandparents, brothers and sisters) may only obtain a residence permit in exceptional situations, such as if there is unusual hardship. This is assessed and decided on by the Foreigners Authority on a case-by-case basis. For the reunification of the family, particular conditions must be fulfilled. These include that the foreign family member living in Germany with whom you wish to reunite, has a settlement permit or a residence permit and that your housing is large enough. Furthermore you must guarantee means of subsistence.
The reunited family must also live together, only then can the residence permit be extended. This also applies to reunited family members who have independent residence rights.