Work permit

Foreigners who wish to work in Germany need a work permit from the Foreigners Authority, which will be granted as a supplement to your residence permit.
In this context it is irrelevant whether you are employed or self-employed. What is important is that you wish to make a profit, or that you are (or should be) paid for your work.
The Job Agency does not issue work permits. In specific employment cases, however, your statement is to be obtained, to which the Foreigners Authority is bound.

On every visa, residence permit or settlement permit, it is set out whether and which employment is permitted.
On some residence documents, employment is generally permitted:
This is, for example, the case for
• holders of settlement permits and
• holders of their own residence permit for family reunification
For other residence documents, different procedures apply. You will find further information at your respective Foreigners’ Authority.
For citizens of EU States, people with rights equal to those of EU citizens, and their family members - see EU Citizens.