Residence Law

If you come to Germany you need a recognised and valid passport or passport substitute.
Additionally, you need a valid residence document, such as for example a visa, a residence permit or a settlement permit.
For entry you usually require a visa. You must apply for this prior to entry from the German foreign representation (consulate or embassy) abroad. There you must give the reasons for your stay.
This also applies for short stays in the context of visits or business trips. Only members of certain states can remain in Germany for short stays of up to 3 months without a residence document.
Further information can be found under Short Stays.
After your arrival and your move to the Rhein-Sieg Region, you must apply for your residence permit within good time – before the expiry of your visa or your visa-free short stay - at the Foreigners Authority responsible for you.
For a Residence Document you will need:
• a recognised, valid passport or passport substitute
• guaranteed means of subsistence, including sufficient health insurance protection without recourse to public provision
• a clarified identity and citizenship
You must represent no damage or danger to public interests.
Further requirements that must be fulfilled in specific cases depend on the reason for your stay.
The Foreigners Authority responsible for you can tell you in a concrete manner whether and what kind of a residence document you or your family members may obtain. There you can also find out which concrete documentation you require.