The Immigration Law regulates all issues in relation to entering and residing in Germany.

The Immigration Law manages and limits immigration, regulates entry and residence on Federal territory and the integration of citizens of the European Union (EU) as well as foreigners.
The Immigration Law consists of the
• Law on Free Movement/EU (LFM/EU), which regulates the rights of citizens of the EU, the EEA states and Switzerland and their family members
and the
• Residence Law (RL), in which the legal foundations for all other foreign citizens can be found.
The Asylum Procedure Law (APL) applies to refugees; the provisions of the Residence Law also partially apply.
The Foreigners Authority of the Rhein-Sieg Region is responsible for the implementation of the RL, the LFM/EU and the APL in the Rhein-Sieg Region, at the facilities of the regional administration.
Exception: For citizens who are resident at Troisdorf, the Foreigners Office of the city of Troisdorf is responsible.
Further information on residence law, on EU citizens, on refugees and on naturalisation, can be found on the next level.